Monday, 23 March 2015


My little monster

We made these creatures with Joy by weaving their bodies and threading on beads as their arms and legs.


My goal for camp is to be kind to everyone and to survive the Gorge walk. I did a great job on both I think because I made sure that the people around me were comfortable where they were sleeping before I put my sleeping bag down on the mattress. When we arrived at the Marae there was Nic and Elly's classes waiting to welcome us and it felt a bit funny knowing somebody and that was welcoming me.
After we were welcomed on Nic and Elly's classes left for the Gorge walk and we got on to the activitys we got sorted into four groups and went off. First we had weaving with Joy we made a putiputi (flower) then we went to Stephen he was doing a game called Ki o raki, then we went to Kerri who was doing the string games she taught us how to do the tea cup and the parachute, and last of all we went to Ebony who was doing the scavenger hunt in the Marae. After all the activitys our buddies had to leave so we did a pororoaki to say goodbye.
After our buddies left we stated to write in our Marae diaries then we got the mattresses out that we were going to sleep on and then we choose our spot and set our self up I choose a spot by my mum and Emma. Then we had dinner and it was the most delious dinner I had ever had and  it was a new challenge for me because we had to do our own dishes.
Desert was very awesome and fun, we made pancake cakes!!!!
We piled pancakes on top of each other and adding filling.
After desert the girls got ready for bed while the boys had a run around and had their hot chocolate to finish off and after all the girls had gotten changed we swapped around and the girls had hot chocolate but we didn't run around, because we were already in our pj's and we didn't want to get them dirty. At last we hopped into bed and the I fell asleep as soon as the lights went out. The next morning I woke up with mum we were the first ones up we tried to go back to sleep but I started to sneeze I tried very hard not to wake anyone up though after the sneezes that I had everybody started to get up. The boys went outside and had a run I didn't notice at first but it was freezing outside. The girls got changed in the Marae while the boys did that. As we lined up for breakfast I started to chat to Emma about how cool it was staying over at the Marae. We hopped out of the bus just 8 mins earlier we had packed our bags, had a photo and hopped on the bus, but now we had arrived we were going to do the Gorge walk I started of walking at a good pace but every step higher was every step harder for me. We reached the top after  half an hour I fell down onto a heap of grass exsutsted I lay there for about 6 minutes we would have to have our lunch soon but right then I didn't have enough energy to move a muscle we came all the way back down then we jumpped on the bus and went back to school.

My little buddy

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Writing sample term 1

I wrote this as a stilt walker so that I could explain how it felt and the skills that you would need. I know this is a good description because it has the feelings and skills that you would have to have. I am to work on creating a detailed plan to organise my plans.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Reading sample term 1

I am learning to skim and scan this helps to get information quickly instead of reading through the whole book and wasting time. I chose this piece of work because I scim and scanned through the book to get all this information.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Managing self sample

My goal is to manage myself. So I only have 1 person that I sit next to because then I don't get distracted as much. I'm a trapeze artist so I like to share my ideas with the people around me and this new spot in the class room gives me the chance to do that.