Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Plus: I liked going to the beach,estuary and river it was awesome because we got to go and  see the beach life vs river life as well as finding little tiny crabs and finding out about them.

Minus:The wind was really rough and you couldn't hear much.

Interesting: I learnt a few facts here is one: shells are made of the exoskeletons like snails and creatures that related 

Lunch box stealing

Non living and Living things
Nic and Alyssa are criminals they stole a few lunch boxes! If food disappeared than the whole food chain wood be a bit disturbed by the change and the creatures may have to eat their own kind, and something very bad may happen. Nic had stolen the lunch boxes for a reason, it was so that we would see that if we didn't have food than we would die.
The Rivers
The Manawatu river isn't actually a bit filthy so it's harder for the creatures that live there actually live. So that the creatures that eat the smaller creatures won't have much to eat, and when they end up with no more of that type of food to eat they would have to go on to a new diet and might carry on until maybe everything is gone then they might have to eat their own kind.