Thursday, 30 July 2015

Dairy/Writing sample

WALT:keep a diary and write about what we are doing

Dear diary 
Here is my finished costume I really was surprised and really happy about how my costume worked out.

                                                           Dear diary
Today is one of the last days of making our costumes my cape has the idea of feathers on it for flight. here is my design book
 And here is my cape from the plan
I think that altogether my costumes look amazing the hard thing about the cape was it was really easy to stick the bits on the hard thing was is that it took about all over our wearable arts time drying.

My costume represents what butterflies. The flowers on my dress represent what the butterflies drink the bits on my cape are for wings and feathers from birds and last of all my hat represents the butterflies hibernating. Telaina



                                                          Dear diary have got heaps more done since I last wrote to you here is what I have got done previously.
my dress has got a wing that I will properly hot glue gun on when friday our wearable art day comes and that is tomorrow. all i need to do is my cape and when that is done I think that I will be finished.
the thing that went right about the wing is it was really easy to paint. the bad thing was that the wing took ages to dry actually it took the whole weekend to dry! The good thing about the hat is that it was really easy to stick the butterflies to the hat, the bad thing was that the butterflies kept falling off.
that is me for now From Telaina.

                                                           Dear diary 
On Friday we made our costumes I think my hat for my costume looks really well this week on Friday I'm going to stick hundreds and thousands of 3D butterflies. Here is what the hat looks like at the moment.
It was meant to look like a flower that is what went wrong with the hat. The butterflies will cover most of the hat anyway though that was the good part about it. My plan worked like a dream it was so easy when everything was planed out it wasn't complicated at all. While I was doing the hat I felt really pressured about what it would look like once it was finished. Another mistake I did was when I did some of my 3D butterflies is that I have to make them as even as possible other wise it will look like a butterfly with 1 wing because the other one will be so tiny compared to the really big wing. I think that if  I could change something I would change the flower on the hat because it really doesn't look like a flower.

                                         Dear diary 
Today is the day before we start making our costumes, here is my plan for it
I am very confident that I will be able to make my costume like this plan says, I also very sure it will look awesome no matter what because I'll be the one who makes it. I think the hardest bit will be sticking the 3D butterflies and making them the easiest big will be making the feathers for my cape and making the cape. I feel really great about the costume because it gives me a chance to be really creative.

                                            Week 4         13/8/15
                                                  Dear diary
                             Today we did all sorts of arts to do with colour 
                   We went to three different work shops and tested which one we liked best 
                          my favourite was the dying one we used dye and crayon for this.


                                                              Week 2   30-7-15 

                   Dear dairy
On Friday last week we did paper minulating 

We did this to get into the groove of crafting cardboard and paper because for our school production 
we have to make our costumes out of them. After we got some patterns going we had to make a 3D monster foot, first me and my best friend Emma started on one foot together and once that was done we did the other this is how they turned out
I was very proud of them it was my favourite lesson on paper, because it was a challenge and challenges usually give you something that you aren't used to, to do.