Thursday, 15 September 2016

Quilt Art (portfolio post)

Have you ever done quilt art? Well listen up and I will tell you all about when my class did quilt art...

Description: This term like I said already we did quilt art I am going to brag about it now, it looked amazing once it was finished simply astonishing. But now I will tell you how we made our masterpieces. 

Step 1. Choose the pattern that we were doing.
Step 2. Make pattern paper that has lots of different textures.
Step 3. Cut out the pattern paper with our template that we cut out.
Step 4. Glue them onto a piece of white paper or a different colour.
There you have it, it should turn out looking something like this:
Evaluation: I think that I was showing Panekiretanga because I persevered very well by sticking to my plan and making sure it was done. I think that I did this art to my very best! The hardest bit was cutting out all the pattern paper from the templates.

Feedback: I really like how have got really amazing background peices with the colour and the textures. It make your art look stunning. It was good that you put a lot of effort into your background peices because it looks super duper amazing!!!
Feedforward: Nothing. Emma 😄

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  1. Astonishing is a great work to describe your art Telaina! Awesome is another word I would use! Your perseverance has definitely paid off - Panekiretanga has been achieved!