Thursday, 24 November 2016

Athletics Reflection

Yesterday we had a school athletics day. We got some questions emailed to us from our teachers. They are to help us reflect on our athletics day. Here they are:
  • Athletics Reflection:
    • What was the most enjoyable part of athletics for you? Why? Hurdles because hurdles are always my favourite rotation when I jump over them it feels a bit like I'm flying. I also enjoyed looking around the track and seeing everyone enjoying themselves and trying their hardest.
    • What are you really proud of? Why? I am really proud of coming 3rd in discus because I have never achieved that before.
    • What was the most challenging part? Why? The most challenging part was when I was doing shot put because I didn't throw the ball properly and so I pushed my self harder and did it.
    • Where to now? What are your goals for next time? To try harder in the sprint, because I didn't try to hard to do it and so I didn't get in.
    • Why do you want to focus on this? Because I believe that I can do better, by training a bit.
Here is a photo:

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