Monday, 14 November 2016

PrEP - Market Day

Have you ever had a market day at your school?
We just had one on friday and oh man was it exciting let me tell you about it.

When we started doing PrEP we had to get into groups of 3. In that group of three we had to have someone who could do the maths, someone who could organize everyone and someone who could keep track of the money. We also had to choose a teacher to be our coach we choose Troy. My group was made up of me Abby and Emma. Our first idea was making cupcakes but our coach (Troy) convinced us the making cupcakes wasn't creative enough and so we ditched that idea and searched for another one. Finally we found an idea on Pintrest a candy cane Christmas tree:
We created a slide that we kept most of our info on here it is:

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