Friday, 26 February 2016

Ways to listen

I Description: Me, Finis, Mike, and Lachie made a movie about the ways to listen. There are three different types of it. One is active listening. Which is when you are actively listening to the person speaking. And you ask questions and show interest in what the person is saying. Another one is busy listening. That means that the person that is listening isn't actually listening because they are so busy. The last one is me too listening. So this one is when someone is talking about something and the the listener buts in and talks about something that they think is even more important. I hope you enjoy our

Big Idea: I learnt that it really hurts someone's feelings or makes them angry if you don't do active listening all the time. And that busy listening makes the talker feel not as special as they really are.

Feedback:                            Feedforward: 

Evaluation: I think I did a really good job in the movie because I spoke as loud as I could and because when I was recording I kept the camera as still as I could.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Waitangi Day questions and answers

Me and the person I was working with, Emma decided to make a movie. To show our understanding of the treaty of Waitangi Day. We thought that the best way to present it would be to say the questions in front of the camera and then the answer was displayed with a picture behind it.

Big Idea: I learnt that the treaty of Waitangi Day didn't translate properly. That because the word sovereignty didn't translate straight into Maori. 

Feedback : I liked your choice of photos and facts. Feed forward: you could have spoken a bit louder and clearer. Rosie

Evaluation : I think I did really well doing the movie. The tricky bit was trying to get the movie finish though because I went to Auckland. 
I think it's multi because we had three or more facts that weren't relational to any other ideas about the treaty of Waitangi Day.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Waitangi Day

Today we learnt about Waitangi Day. Because Waitangi Day is this weekend My teachers said you had to come up with questions then to answer them your self. We are learning to ask open questions. Here are some of the questions and answers! 
What day was Waitangi Day made a public holiday? 
Answer: 6 February 1960

How long ago was the treaty signed
Answer: 176 years ago

Why didn't the Maori people think they had agreed to let the British claim sovereignty over New Zealand?
Answer: Cause some of the translations weren't right

Why didn't some of the translations mean the same thing?
Answer: Because the word sovereignty didn't translate straight into Maori.

How come private land purchases were band? 
Answer:  Because russian people were coming over and buying private land that the British wanted so the British made a law that you weren't allowed to by private property any more.

What is the difference between Australia Day and Waitangi Day?
Answer: Australian people didn't sign a treaty and weren't tricked.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

My one word

WALT: Learn to say our goal in one word. 
Confidence is my word that represents my goal, because in class time when we are sharing my ideas I don't have the confidence to put my hand up and answer the questions. Dancing this year and I'm in jazz squads and it's my first time and I need to be more cofident on the stage and with the people I'm dancing with. In sports like hockey I always hang round the back not very cofident about it. If I learn to be cofident with all these things then I will be a less worried about most things and more cofident about it. That's my word what would yours be?