Thursday, 31 March 2016

Camp Kids

Description: We did a piece of writing about camp. We could choose out of: To entertain, to inform, self or to persuade. I wonder if you can guess what one I did? WARNING: this piece of writing that you are about to read is a bit disgusting if you are disgusted easily please be careful while reading this piece of writing.

Absolutely nobody knows how it feels to be a camp toilet unless you are one, staying in the same place seeing the same mouldy hand towel every time I open my eyes, hearing the same constant drip of the leaky tap in my cubicle and of course the same smell that cannot be described. 

Oh no someone just walked through the door. Whew they’re only going to wash their hands. The person is turning on the hot tap, but wait a second the girl is walking towards me! She’s undoing a zip on her skirt and now she's pulling down her vivid pink tights to reveal Elmo undies? Anyway she pulled them down as well to show her behind. As soon as she sits down something brown sludges down my side followed by a trickle of yellow liquid, and then she makes a mess of the toilet paper and then doesn't even flush me! 

The girl walks out of the small cramped cubicle and then I saw it a stream of sunlight came in followed by the sweet smell of lavenders. Perfectly green grass and cherry blossom trees were in my sights. I wish that one day even for a minute I could be a human and explore out there. I wonder what it would be like. 

Great now someone else is coming in, I prepare to be used once more, oh wait it’s Emma! She's coming to flush me! I wish I could tell her how I felt.

Sometimes Emma talks to me about her problems unfortunately I can't reply and reassure that it’s alright. Sadly her school is leaving camp today. Sorry I get really sad when I think about her, sniff. 

That means no more being the cleanest toilet at camp anymore. Emma even stuck a label on the side of me that said on it: The cleanest toilet at camp.

Emma was so kind she even flushed me when it wasn't even her business she was flushing. 

I know I will always miss Emma but there is a question I am urging to know. Is there really more to this world than endless rolls of toilet paper and hand towels? 

Here is the draft

Feedback: I like how you have got a long description 
Feedforward: At the start you could talk a little bit more about yourself in the story. Charlotte H
Thanks Charlotte H for the feedback and feedforward.

Evaluation: The hardest bit was getting my plan done because I was itching to get writing. The easiest part was writing my story down, doing the plan really paid off.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Our family tree

Description: We have been learning about our Whakapapa. The word Whakapapa means family tree. In the Maori culture it is very important to know quite a bit about the person you are talking to. What we did was we wrote down our family tree and then translated it into Maori by writing it next to their names. Example I would write down my Great Great Aunty I would write beside it Tepuna Tepuna Whaea Keke. Here is my family tree. 

Feedback: Good job on getting a lot of your family written down!
Feedforward: I think you have done a great job so there is no feedforward from me. (: Emma :)

Evaluation: I found putting in my great great grand parents the hardest because I had to have a lot of help from my mum and kept forgetting to ask her to write it all down. The easiest bit was getting my mum's side down because my dad's side had Samoan names that were hard to spell.

Monday, 14 March 2016

2016 Camp portfolio

Camp. For that we went to El Rancho in Waikanai. We went last week and it was quite a difference to what you usually would do on a school day. 

Description: We had two goals my two goals were, make new friends and take myself out of my comfort zone.When we got there we split into our activity groups. Then we did 10 different activities while we were there some of those activities were waterslide, rifles, pool, mini golf, archery, kayaks and rafts. We did two activities the first day we got there. The first two activities that my group went to was mini golf and waterslide. Here is some information about the waterslide: I sat down scared to death and definitely taken out of my comfort zone. I pushed myself I speed down. It was if I was on the speed slide a the lido! I'm going to let the images do the rest of the talking now. Bye! 

Code for camp diary:

Feedback: I like how you have included how you feel during you were doing it.
Feedforward: Cannot think of anything!! Emma 

Friday, 4 March 2016

My one word art 2016

Description: We made a piece of art that was made out of our one word. Before we did the art we posted our one word on Twitter. My theme for the word confident was lots of stick figures doing things that you needed heaps of confidence to do. First Elly took a photo of us pretending to hold a sign. Then We did at least three drafts in our writers notebooks. We were testing different techniques to do in our art. After we found the one we wanted to do we copied it onto a good copy which is what  I am holding in the picture right underneath this sentence. 
Feedback: I like the 3D letters
Feed forward: you could have done colour in the letters. Rosie
Thanks Rosie for thefeedforward I will keep that in mind for next time. 
Evaluation: I am really happy with how my art turned out it is probably one of my best pieces of art I have ever made, because I like the colours I chose because it really made the letters pop. I also liked the shadowing on the letters that I did it made them look 3D.

My camp goals

We have been making goals for camp because on Tuesday we will be heading to El Rancho to camp until Friday. We had to do a personal goal and a action goal. We did a draft to make sure that we would get it right in our camp booklets. Here are my goals.