Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Writing: Sunset

Today for writing we had to do a descriptive piece of writing about a sunset. I think I was fairly descriptive and I made sure that it was interesting for the reader. I think that I need to write more about sunsets next time and maybe get even more descriptive. Here is my story:

A sunset is a golden blaze escaping into the sky, with a pink blossom exploding into the sky with it, the gold blaze and the pink blossom help the bright day turn into a silent night.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Stage 6 math test

Last week we redid the stage 6 math test to see if we had improved in our maths. In the first time that we did the test I got 56% and in the one th aw t we did in the last week or so I got 54% this is because I was out of practice with some of the things so that made me get a lower mark. This as also tells me that at home I should practice my maths every night. Here is a photo of my test sheet:

Bookapedia Term 2

Description: This term in Bookapedia we have been working on research skills. One of our tasks was to do a story about why you wouldn't want to be a WWll Pilot, Roman Gladiator, Sir Frances Drake, Medieval Knight, Mammoth Hunter, Cleopatra, Amelia Earhart and a Navy Seal. I choose to use reasons on why you wouldn't want to be a WWII Pilot.

You wouldn't want to be a WWll Pilot because...
It would be horrible flying a plane and you would know about your plane having the possibility to be shot down in mid flight. If you had friends that were with you in the air force and they died you could do nothing about it but carry on fighting and pretend that nothing ever happened. 

Big Idea: The research skill that we used for this is was summarizing the tricky thing about this is that we were only allowed to write two sentences using as much information in both of them. 

Here is the link to the whole Bookipedia post for this term copy and paste into search bar:

Evaluation: I think that the easiest part of the task was researching all the information the hardest bit was getting it into two sentences because I like to write long stories. 

Feedback: I like how you have given me more than just a couple of sentences and also how you have really convinced me that I wouldn't want to be a world war II pilot.
Feedforward: Can't think of anything you could work on. Emma M :)


Today for writing I have to do a sentence with a metaphor in it again. Today I want to challenge myself a little more because I already know how to write a sentence with a metaphor so I am going to write 5. Here they are:
It's raining cats and dogs.
He has cheeks as hot as lava.
She has a heart as big as a elephant.
Africa drowns in it's heat sometimes.
The boy drowned in a pool of grief.

Thursday, 26 May 2016


Description: This term we have been researching on plants for Seed2table. You split into groups of 4 at the most and 2 at the least. I got into a group of three. Devin, Emma and Me that is our group and for our investigation we were testing which plant grew best if we gave them different temperatures. There were 6 plants that we watered here are the temperatures 6 degrees, 10 degrees, 20 degrees, 22 degrees, 33 degrees and 38 degrees. The one that grew the best was the 6 degree plant which was named Mable 6. Here is the slide that contains most of our information about the plants, unfortunately the plants didn't grow until today here is a special picture of Mable 6:
Big Idea: The learning in it was so that you could research what happened to a plant if you did something different to see how the plant would respond. You had to come up with a conclusion on what plant grew the best for you and why. Here is the slide:
Evaluation: I think my group did really well during our Seed2table, it was really hard but we got going fast because we made up a routine that we could follow.

Feedback: I think that your explaining of it was really great because I new what you were doing.
Feedforward: Nothing. Charlotte W

Writing: dice game

Description: Today for writing we did a dice game. You use 2 dice and one of the dice is dice one and the other dice is dice two than you roll your dice and the numbers translate into a type of sentence that you have to use then you have to put a story together using these rules

Dice 1                                 Dice 2
                               1=A short sentence 2-4 words                                           
1=what you see       2=Alliteration 
2= what you do       3=Onomatopoeia 
3=what you say       4=Long compound sentence
4=what you think     5=Simile
5=what you hear      6=Medium sentence
Big Idea: The learning in this dice game is so that you can get use to these types of words and sentences and use them in your own writing and so that if you are not very good at one of these things than you can set that as a goal for yourself. Here is the story that me and my partner made:

Smash! "Who threw that!" I yelled. "It was that man over there!" Emma screamed. We sprinted away. We heard the man yelling out like a roaring lion. We went into a wet alley way. "We've been cornered! Let's run!" Emma shouted at me. "I see a ladder! Let's climb up it!" I whispered remembering that the man might hear us. "We should! But the ladder looks really wobbly!" Emma replied. "I hear him coming, let's make a run for it." I shouted. "I can see him coming, climb faster." Emma screamed. "Ok, ok I'm climbing." I said angrily. "Gosh! Great, he's getting closer!" Emma shouted. "Get over here on the other side of the fence or at least try to." I whispered. "I can hear his footsteps like a monster coming to destroy us." Emma yelled. "Come on, the sun is rising, quickly or we will be found!" I yelled at Emma
Safe at last! So sleepy...
                                             By Emma and Telaina.

Feedback: I really liked the story it gives you a sense of suspense.
Feedforward: maybe next time you could tell the people reading the story of you got over the fence or not. Devin 

Thank you Devin I will work on that next time.

Evaluation: It was really hard using an alliteration because you had to use heaps of words that have the same starting letter so that tells me that my goal for writing is to use alliterations because than I will be in the learning pit and when you are in the learning pit you will be challenged.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Week 4 Tuesday maths

Today for math we were doing this problem:
It was hard but once you worked it out you get the hang of it. First you work out what the 270 was made up of and after you have found that out which is 90 you add the other two 90's and than you get the total of 450.

Monday, 23 May 2016


Today for my writing task I had to do a sentence with a metaphor. I have done this task before and described what a metophor is but just in case I will describe it again. A sentence with a metophor in it is when you are almost writing a simile but you can't use like or as. Here is my sentence:
The raindrops are diamonds in the sunlight.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Two little o's and away I go

Description: Today while the year 6's were learning Japanese we were doing an activity called to little o's and away I go. You had to do all sorts of things that had two o's in it. The idea was to not just make faces but to go out of the box with your drawings. Here is a picture of mine. 
Big Idea: You had to do all sorts of things that you could out of 2 o's but you weren't just going for faces you had to think out of the box like I said before and do things that a o would be part of as if it had been built there.

Feedback: I love how you went outside the box and you tried to make it not just simple
Feedforward: next time maybe your aim could be to finish it. 

Evaluation: The hard bit was coming up with what to draw and to make sure that you haven't done a drawing with the to o's that had been done already. 

Week 3 Thursday Maths

Today I was doing the fraction sheet again and today's question was: Alex found a drone that cost $848 at full price but it was 25% off. How much did Alex pay? This is how I worked it out. 

Bookapedia term 2 research skills

Skill 1:

TITLE: skimming and scanning

WALT: create criteria to evaluate sources

At the moment we have been skimming and scanning. Suzanne gave us a sheet on the invisible train and we had a certain amount of time to write down answers to prove that we could skim and scan.  
Invisible train:

A good website is one that...
Doesn't ask for personal information,
Doesn't have inappropriate adds,
Doesn't ask for valuable information from you.

Skill 2 Summarizing: 

This term in Bookapedia we have been working on research skills. One of our tasks was to do a story about why you wouldn't want to be a WWll Pilot, Roman Gladiator, Sir Frances Drake, Medieval Knight, Mammoth Hunter, Cleopatra, Amelia Earhart and a Navy Seal. I choose to use reasons on why you wouldn't want to be a WWII Pilot.

You wouldn't want to be a WWll Pilot because...
It would be horrible flying a plane and you would know about your plane having the possibility to be shot down in mid flight. If you had friends that were with you in the air force and they died you could do nothing about it but carry on fighting and pretend that nothing ever happened. 

Another sort of test thing was we had to do a fact tree and fill it in with our question for Seed2table and we had to find all sorts of websites that answered our question. My fact tree is not quite finished yet but I will show you what I have at the moment. Here is my fact tree:

Skill 3: Note Taking
WALT: Organize our notes to make connections and find gaps.
We were given a sheet of hexagons and we had to organize some notes into them. 

Evaluation: Doing the skimming and scanning with deeper interest helped me get a better idea of scanning my eyes over the page and picking out all of the words that I need.

Feedback: I like how you had quite a lot of good facts in your fact tree not just facts that aren't as important.
Feedforward: I think you did everything perfectly. Emma M

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Week 3 Wensday Maths

Description: Today for maths I continued on my maths worksheet. I finished quote a lot of my worksheet today and I cake across a hard one. My hardest question I did today was: How many seconds in 4 2/3 minutes. I did some thinking on a whiteboard table. Here is a photo:
Big Idea: This helps me with my fractions and shows me what 2/3 of 1 minute is 40 seconds this helped my learning heaps. Here is the whole sheet:

Feedback: I like the strategy you used to work this out
Feedforward: I can't think of anything you need to work on. Emma M

Evaluation: The hardest bit was probably adding up the 4 minutes into 240 seconds and figuring out what the 2/3 of a minute wss

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Week 3 Monday Maths

Today form maths I did a fraction worksheet to see what I know and what I don't know.  One of the questions was Sam ate 45 mollies hand estimated he was 3/5 of the way through his packet. How many lollies does Sam think are in the packet. Here is a photo of how I worked this problem out.


Today for reading you had to play a game called Trapped. It is when you are trapped in a house and you have to use your skimming and spelling skills to get the correct answer to get out. You had to get all the answers correct or at least 90% of them correct go be able to get out.

Monday, 16 May 2016


Today for writing we had to write a complex sentence. The example we got was: Somewhere behind us a train whistle blew long and low like a sad sad song. We have to change the sentence into one of our own my sentence is this: Somewhere behind us a dog barked high pitched and excited like a piccolos song. So those are the two sentences how many differences can you find between them?

Seed2table week 2

On Friday for seed2table we made:
Corn fritters, tomato salsa, crunchy potato chips, kale chips and for dessert apple crumble. For the science bit we were getting our plants ready for our investigation that we are going to start in week three. Our investigation is on changing the temperature of the water that we give the ed plants everything else is the same so we put 1 seed in each pot in the same distance down, we put the same amount of soil in the pots, we gave the plants the same amounts of water and so that is why the only thing that changed was the temperature of the water. 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Writing: A sentence with a metaphor

For writing today I had to do a sentence with a metaphor in it some where. A metaphor is like when you are explaining something that it is like without saying like or as. Here are to of my sentences:
A curtain of night. The clouds are a grey blanket smothering the sky.


Today I did a poem about a little penguin today for handwriting. I think that the three criteria have all been completed the three criteria are to be acurate to be legeble and my goal to be fast today I think that I have completed my goal because I have finished my poem and made sure it is accurate and legeble and fast. Here is photo:

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Week 2 Tuesday Maths

Today while I was doing my math independently I was on a website that had the activity of matching fractions with their picture it teaches you to recognize fractions in different forms of shapes and numbers. This really helped me with my math because it let me have the knowledge to see fractions in different ways than how I used to see them. Here is a picture of the website I was on:


Here 10 questions I wonder if you can figure out the answer:
Hint: The questions all have the same answer.

1. What is only our planet's that isn't a star?
2. What you can see it at night?
3. People rarely have news of someone landing on the _____?
4. What is in the sky and rhymes with baboon?
5. What is earths only natural satelite?
6. People sometimes speak of a blue _____?
7. What travels round earth?
8. What is white and in the sky?
9. What can you sometimes see in the daytime?
10. What do astronauts sometimes land on?

Handwriting sample 2

You might think that doing handwriting is really boring and that is what I used to think that as well but now I have a hanged mindset if you do it in a way that you want to be fun than do it fun make sure that you chose a piece that you are going o ha and write to be fun. Here is my description. Today for my handwriting sample I did a different poem. It was called 3D shapes, and it was as you can guess all about 3D shapes. I completed my goal which was to be fast and finish the whole poem because I had already mastered the other two criteria which was to be legeble and to be accurate. I will stop talking now and let you have have a look at my poem.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Week 2 Monday Maths

Today for maths i was counting on to fractions on study ladder. What you had to do is, that there was a fraction that was shown and then there was a gap that you had to fill in. There were about 5 or 4 answers that you could choose from. Most of the answers were mixed fractions which is when there is a whole number and then a fraction this is how it is presented: 2 3/4. Here are some photos of it in action:


Handwriting sample

We did a handwriting sample. It was to test what we can do already and what we need to work on. There were three criteria one was speed another one was actuary and the last one was legible. We had 5 minutes to get a poem written down on to a piece of paper. I didn't finish the poem so I my goal is to get to be speedy at my handwriting. My actuary was really good on what I thought and it was really legible. It didn't matter if we crossed something out. Here is my handwriting sample do you think that it is legeble and accurate?


Description: Today we had our spelling tests given back to us and if we got a word wrong than it would be highlighted pink or if you don't use a capital letter in the correct place. I got 100% in other words I got all the words correct. Here is a photo of my spelling test:
Evaluation: This tells me that I do not need to practice my spelling for five minutes.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Week 1 Thursday Maths

Today during our maths workshop I discovered a new strategy while we were working on adding fractions. I will show you a proper fraction question and then I will go over it step by step my new strategy. Here is the question: 2/5 + 8/20 =?
First you take the 5 and the 20 then you have to think of what number goes in this slot: 5✖️?=20 once you have figured that problem out there is another one until we finish the problem. Here is the other question: 2✖️4=? and then you add them to get her to make another 8/20. Then you add the other 8/20 which equals 16/20. I hope you enjoyed this explanation of my strategy.

Beautiful Oops

Today Troy read us a book about a beautiful oops it showed multiple ways of turning an oops into a beautiful oops. Here is one that I did. What would you have made it?

Week 1 Wednesday Maths

Today during my independent time I have been doing a fractions game called jelly slice. You basically have to cut a piece of jelly into the correct fraction you know that you have to split it into lets say thirds that means there would be three stars that you had to get and you had to split it very evenly.  This is one that I was doing.
Evaluation: When I got stuck I persevered until I got it

Week 1 Tuesday Maths

Today we have been doing more fractions but while I was working independently I have been on this website called maths is fun I learnt about what a proper fraction is, what a improper fraction is and what a mixed fraction is. A proper fraction is when the denominater (the bottom number)  is more than the anominater (the top number). Example: 2/4. And a mixed fraction is when there is a whole and a fraction. Example: 2 4/5. And finally a improper fraction is when the anominater is more than the denominater. Example: 6/3

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Week 1 Monday Maths

Description: Today we were doing fractions. You might think "Oh yeah fractions are easy." But they're not. Lets put it this way, you know your equivalent fractions they are easy. But when you are adding fractions it's only easy if the denominater is the same as the other denominater otherwise it is quite tricky. Here is an example: 

You are adding 3/8+1/4=?
You know that 1/4 is the same as 2/8 so
3/8+2/8=5/8 and that is the example finished.

Buddy art

Description: Every Tuesday we have buddy time. Last term we were working on this piece of art. The art was called Sarah Platt art. You would think that art would only be portraits and landscape. We each gotta square of the picture in a smaller version so we had to copy it onto a bigger piece of paper. Our one was particularly complicated, but we got there in the end with great team work. My buddy's name is Heidi she is a year three and she is 7 years old. She is also a great buddy and is really helpful. Here is all the pieces of art together doesn't it look great?
Here is the square that me and my buddy did.

Evaluation: Working together had a really big impact on getting it done in time. It was really hard because I was away for a Tuesday and so me and my buddy were behind a bit. The easiest part was doing the drawing because Ms and my buddy are great at drawing.