Thursday, 25 August 2016

ET Reo

Do you do much Te Reo where you are now? At Russell street school we do lots to make sure that we keep the Maori culture running smoothly.

Description: This term in ET Reo we have had a main focus on Maori Whakatauki which are like proverbs written in Maori. So far we have gotten through two Whakataukis one of them was,
He aha te mea nui au te ao, He tangata he tangata he tangata. 

He aha te mea nui au te ao translates into English as: what is the most important thing in that world and He tangata translates into the people. We made a sign the said our the first proverb and we each created one person to go with it, I think it turned out perfect how about you have a look for yourself?

This is my one with the red skirt:

 The other one was:
 Naku te rourou, Nau te rourou, Ka ora ai te iwi.

Naku te rourou, Nau Te rourou translates into English as: with your basket and my basket we can feed all these people, it relates to learning if you think about it like this, with my basket of knowledge and with your basket of knowledge we can share all our learning together. For that proverb we are doing weaving because we are going to make baskets out of weaved flax but before we got into that we did a paper version so that we could get the hang of, it this is my one:
This is my weaved one:

Evaluation: I have learnt heaps during ET Reo this term, before this term I didn't even know there was such a thing as Maori proverbs! I think that I still need to learn how to say them properly though.

Feedback: What a great paper practice. It's good to hear that you learned something new about the Maori culture. Emma
Feedforward: I don't think there is anything you have to work on. :)

A Terms Writing (Portfolio Sample)

Do you want to know what I have been doing for writing this term? If you want to carry on reading cause it's going to get a whole lot better...

Description: l am in Troy's writing group which is everyone in poutama who had some kind of word realated goal. The first thing that we did altogether was asemble all these words that we could use instead of words like good or bad and change them into words like exquisite and terrible. Then we watched a video that showed you how you make tennis balls in an awesome factory filled with all these amazing machines, we had to come up with words that we thought the machines actions and things that they did that reminded us of. Here is the video if you want to have a look:

Then we had to come up with a story from those words. This is a photo of my story unpublished:

This is my fully edited and published piece:
Evaluation: This term my focus in writing is to use lots of descriptive words. I think that I did fairly well on this goal but to be honest I think that I should keep this goal going otherwise I will never feel like I have achieved it.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Bookapedia Buddies

Description: This term we have started a new thing in poutama which is called book buddies, you and your buddy have a same type of focused goal, our goal was inferring: identifying and understanding alternative viewpoints. I was very lucky and got to have two book buddies which are Emma M and Harriet. We kept all of our evidence of learning inside of this slide, if you want to have a look please do:

Evaluation: I think that I have improved heaps on inferring: identifying and understanding alternative viewpoints. One of the things that helps me is when we have a whole Bookapedia book discussion with everyone who is in Bookapedia because Suzanne make us have these discussions where you have to keep the balloon in the air which is when you have to ask open questions and not closed questions.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Mathex Portfolio Post

Have you ever heard of an event called Mathex?

If you haven't prepare to know what it is and if you already know then... good for you. Mathex was held on Friday the 12/08/16 this year and is a comp that has practical questions which are questions that ask things like create a tanagram of a capital T, and then stick it below. Then there is another type of a question that has lots of questions that you have to do during a QuickFire section. Over all my team came 2nd! Here is one of the questions that we practised on see if you can work it out:

YEAR FIVE Mathex 2012                                    Team

Question 7


James arrived at the airport at 3:23pm.  His departure time was 5:30pm but his plane was delayed by an extra 25 minutes.  How many minutes did he have to wait?

The answer is at the bottom of the page.

The purpose of us getting chosen was because we can collaborate with everyone else in our group. During the practises we worked on communicating our ideas, valuing others ideas and building on others ideas which was the most important one because your teammate right have started on the right track but then they sort of didn't get around the bend, so you can step in and help them out with the question. 
  •   I developed the skill of teamwork because I used to not be able to work in a team to well so practising with my team has really built it up.
  • I think that I could work on practical kinds of things because I got really stuck when we were doing the real Mathex competition so I couldn't help my team as much as I would have wanted to.
Reflection: I think that our team could have come first if we had practised with the 15 minute timer.

Feedback: I agree with you, you definitely developed the skill of teamwork in Mathex.
Feedforward: Nothing. (perfect) Abby I

Answer: 152 mins

Friday, 12 August 2016

Panekiretanga / Excellence

Description: This term our focus is Panekiretanga which means excellence in Maori.  We created a slide to show that we were showing excellence, on the slide we showed different ways that you can show excellence, like doing everything to the highest standard possible. I wonder if you could show excellence in your actions?
Evaluation: I think that may goal for next term is to be able to set my own goal more efficiently around our term focus. 

Feedback: The learning in you post shows me you are on track to be agentic learner.
Feedforward: Nothing that I can see. Sofina